Final Two Spots!!!

We are down to our two final spaces for the course! They are first come first serve. After expanding our course to 28 we had a surge of demand and even began taking a wait-list. As of today we have 26 fully confirmed registrants. Please note, to be fully confirmed you must both register and pay for the course. We have had a large number of participants who registered but did not pay and therefore removed from the course after several emails.

Wait List is Moving!

Our wait-list is moving! We have taken a few individuals from the wait-list and formally registered them for the May 2017 course. If you are still interested in our course, get on our wait-list today! We will be adding more people shortly. Thank you again everyone for making our course successful! We are so humbled by your interest.


Thank you everyone for making our course possible! At this time, we are completely full for the May 4-5, 2018 course. We tried to accommodate additional individuals by adding four more spaces and one instructor to maintain our 4:1 ratio. Demand for the course is high and we filled those additional spaces too!

Not to fret! Not all spaces are guaranteed at this point. There are several registrants who have yet to pay their registration fee. We will release their spaces to waiting list individuals within the next few weeks. To add yourself to our wait-list, click on ‘Wait-List’ above!

We will be offering this course again next year. Stay tuned!

Last Few Spots!

Demand has been high and we are down to our last few spaces. Please hurry to register and submit payment to ensure your space in the course today!

When we reach 24 registrants, we will continue to accept a limited number of registrants for our Waitlist. Should any registrant not submit payment, a participant from the Waitlist will be offered the space instead.

Filling Up!

Wow we are filling up quite fast! People are noticing that compared to other similar courses, ours is the cheapest by at least $1,000. Act quickly to reserve one of the few spaces today! We do expect all the spaces to fill.