Shamelessly plugging our own courses since 2018.

“The best part of this course was the hands-on learning time. The amount of time we were able to spend scanning and injecting on the cadavers was invaluable and something that is not easy to find when learning ultrasound guided injections. I will immediately begin to use the skills I used in my clinical practice and would attend this course again.” – Laura Sampson, ORNS


“Wonderful course, great and approachable instructors, plenty of time to be hands on, great curriculum covering all the fundamentals of each region and then some” – Andrew Clary, DO


“The cadavers were in the best condition I have ever seen in any course that involves cadavers. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with explanations.” – Orlando Charry, MD


“I wanted to find an MSK US that focused only on procedure skills, and this course met that need exactly. The use of cadavers allowed us to practice each procedure multiple times and gain comfort prior to leaving. The mood of the course was open and inviting and my small group instructor (Dr. Tayar) was excellent. I have already practiced these skills in my own clinic.” – Jilaine Bolek Berquist, MD


“The best part of the course is the hands-on experience with the cadavers. Others should consider this event because a lot of other courses do not offer as much hands-on learning for the time frame. The presentations were very clear and organized.” – Dina Elnaggar, MD


“The amount of time dedicated to hands-on injection practice is really one of the most valuable parts of this course. The great ratios (4:1 learners to instructors, and 2:1 learners to US machines) is second to none.” – Anonymous. Not really. We know who they are, but they want to remain a secret

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